Learning Journals

Learning Journals enable you to access and comment on your child’s progress in learning throughout the school year. Parents and carers can access their child’s profile by computer or by using the app for apple or android mobile devices.

Link to Learning Journals

What are profiles?
Profiles are a positive record of a child’s achievements in school, at home and in the community.

Children should have frequent and regular opportunities to discuss and review their learning, and plan next steps with those involved in their education. They should be supported to become aware of their achievements, the knowledge and skills they are developing, and how this relates to the wider world. This continuous process is known as profiling.

Why is profiling important?
Engaging in profiling allows learners to develop a greater understanding of themselves and their learning. It enables them to reflect on relevant experiences and the development of skills that flow from this.

Profiling provides opportunities for children to talk about their learning and achievements with parents and others, and can challenge, motivate and support them.

The Learning Journals system is very secure. The connection is made using a secure server holding a SSL certificate (meaning the address starts with https and carries the padlock symbol). You will be the only one outside of school that can view your child’s profile and you will access it with a unique username as well as a password and PIN that you create.

You are also able to upload achievements from home – we love to see what you all get up to when you aren’t at school.

All parents receive log in details when your child starts school with us – you will receive an email with details of your username and a link to our Learning Journals site. You are required to set up a password, which should be a minimum of 8 characters, include at least one upper case letter and have at least one number. You will then be asked to choose a 4-digit PIN.

If you forget your username, password or PIN or have any difficulties accessing your child’s Learning Journal, please get in touch with the school.

You will receive an email notification to let you know when an observation has been added to your child’s profile. You can, however, login at any time to view new and old observations.

Teachers will update the profiles regularly. Observations will include a mixture of individual, group and whole class updates. Each week, teachers will aim to upload one or two whole class observations, Literacy observations for one third of the class and Numeracy observations for one third of the class. As your child’s class teacher will be reporting on their learning on a regular basis throughout the session, the report at the end of the session will include curriculum levels and a personal comment only.

Contributing and Commenting
You have the option to like and comment on your child’s observations. The children will regularly view their profiles in school and it is very motivating for them to read comments from their parents/carers.

It is most useful and constructive if comments from parents/carers are brief, positive and reinforce their child’s next steps. If the observation leads to a concern or query, staff will be happy to help but parents/carers should contact staff via the school office. All children will be given the opportunity to view their profiles in school regularly using ‘Child View’ or their ‘Child Logins’ so please ensure that comments are appropriate for your child to read.

Adding achievements from home
On your child’s profile you will see a blue button called ‘Achievements from Home’. From here you can add photos and descriptions of your child’s achievements outside of school. See below:

Illustration of child's Learning Journal

Convert your child’s profile to a PDF
You have the ability to convert your child’s profile to a PDF. To do this, click on the button that says ‘Convert Profile to PDF’ and follow the instructions. This will generate a document with all of the observations and photos from your child’s profile.